Summer 2012

Summer 2012
Mikaela, Natalie, David, Jordan, Tobi and Aaron - our family in the wheat field up the road

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

A Very Special Christmas Gift

Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year from the Wright Family!

2012 has been a year of change and growth for our family.

 This time last year we decided to move forward with an Ethiopian adoption.  We made adjustments to our budget, sold household excess and held fundraising events.  Our church hosted a cookout and gave generously, friends and family sent checks to our adoption agency, Ordinary Hero gave us the opportunity to sale T-shirts from  I took a part-time job at Family Christian Store.  David and I hosted a Christmas Childcare event and a few faithful friends helped us entertain 25 children while their parents shopped or wrapped gifts.

And we prayed!

We have trusted God's sovereignty and provision for our adoption.  Many days I have laid on the floor with my palms outstretched seeking the Lord.  Trusting His good plans for our family.  Trusting Him to select the child for our family.  We've asked Him to choose the gender, age and even the American name for our child.

On December 10th God blessed us with an adoption referral for an older child.  Until our adoption is final we cannot share the details but we will fill you in as soon as we can.  We are so very thankful and excited, all 6 of us!  This child is delightful!  A friend was in Addis when we received our referral.  We were able to email a photo release to allow her to take pictures and video.  It got there within one day of her departure.  She needed to pack and prepare to leave but she took the time to visit the transition home for us.  I received pictures and videos on my Birthday!  There's more to the story, more that confirms God's plans to make this child a part of the Wright family.  We can't wait to let you in on all the details of this amazing story!

At this stage, we wait for our court appointment date. The MOWCYA will write a referral letter and then we will receive our court date, possibly only 10 days before leaving.  Sooo, I am using this time to prepare for our departure.  I am gathering donations for the orphanages and a ministry we will visit. I am purchasing gifts for nannies and the children in the orphanages.  I am also planning meals for our family so they can pull frozen dinners out while we are out of the country.  I'm writing our 4 teens schedules for our friends and Grandparents who will be taking care of them. And I am attempting to learn a few survival phrases in Amharic!  The room is ready.  I go in there to pray for our child often. 

Soon!  We will travel soon!  Then wait for the Embassy appointment and travel again!  Did you know I've always wanted to go to Africa?  If I could go anywhere in the world?  AFRICA!  My heart is already there.

Thank you, thank you to all who have already given, prayed, listened!  I'm so glad you are on this big adventure with us!


  1. Continuing to pray for all 7 of you! God bless you in this glorious adventure.

  2. Did you know that author Karen Kingsbury has 3 adopted sons from Haiti? Her story is so interesting and you can read it on her blog. You can find that through this book review that I did.