Summer 2012

Summer 2012
Mikaela, Natalie, David, Jordan, Tobi and Aaron - our family in the wheat field up the road

Friday, November 9, 2012

That Sweet Man of Mine

David and Me
   Today is my husband's birthday!!!  Happy Birthday David!

I'm dedicating this post to my sweet husband because he's an amazing gift from God.

   David was born and raised right here in Wichita, Kansas.  His parents are Charley and Joan Wright - Wonderful parents. Charley is with the Lord now. David has one very sweet sister, Susan.

   David and I met in 1989 at a Bible Study geared toward college students.  We also attended the same church and Sunday School class.  I was able to watch this guy, listen to the way he interacted with people and spoke of his relationship with Jesus. He willingly served people without seeking recognition.  I had respect for David early on, even before our first date.  He was gentle and kind.  He thought before he spoke.  He didn't need to be the center of attention like so many other young men.  He was also really cute, an added bonus!

   David asked me out and we dated off and on for a few months.  It took me a while to feel secure in our relationship but David was patient and proved to be trustworthy.  One night when I sought God's direction for my life, He very specifically put David's name on my mind.  It was very clear!  David and I went for a walk and talked for a long time.  Soon after, we became engaged.  I married my best friend on March 23, 1991!

   We have 4 terrific kids, all teens now.  We've walked some bumpy roads along the way but we've follow Jesus and He's faithfully led us and matured us.  He's always provided for all He's called us to do.  We put our full trust in Him for the future of our family.  We are now in the process of adopting 2 older children from Ethiopia!  We've never had our ducks in a row and we are not picture perfect from any angle but we are willing to trust and obey.  We thank God for everything (good and hard)He allows to enter our lives and He gives us great joy!  He has lavished His love on us and filled us up to overflowing.

   David is a hard worker and very good at what he does.  He is Vice President of his architecture firm, Health Facilities Group.  He seeks to understand, encourage and challenge his employees and they respect him.  He leads by example and he leads with integrity.

 In addition, David is an awesome dad.   He is intentional about connecting with and encouraging each one of our children.  He challenges them to work hard and live lives that honor God.  They have no question that they are loved and "liked" by their Dad.  He has been very involved in their lives and always will be.

   I am so blessed to have David as my husband.  He is my sounding board and confidante.  He is the perfect balance for me.  He sees the glass half full where I tend to see it half empty (I'm learning from his example I'm glad to report).  He always believes the best about people, giving them the benefit of the doubt.  I tend to question people's motives.  He is linear, I am random. He's self-disciplined and I fly by the seat of my pants. It makes me smile because we compliment each other's personalities so well.  God always knows what He's doing and He does it so well!  I have no doubt that David loves and accepts me. He's done such a great job of telling me and showing me.  When he proposed to me 22 years ago, he asked me for the opportunity to try to love me as Christ loves the church.  Kinda sappy, huh?  But he's doing it!  He's not perfect but he intentionally makes the effort to know me and love me in ways that I truly feel loved.  He leads us well and I am so proud that he is my husband!

   That's enough mushiness for now but you know I could go on and on!  I'm so blessed by David!


  1. Tobi! I just met you today at the book store! So good to find your blog. As I looked at the blogs you follow, I was surprised to see you follow a blog of people I know from my hometown in Oklahoma! One More Ladybug. I'm from the same town and lived there until about a year and a half ago!! It really is a small world! Good to meet you. - God bless you.

  2. Just a PS! I also have attended church with Chad and Brenda Fleming! Our world gets smaller!