Summer 2012

Summer 2012
Mikaela, Natalie, David, Jordan, Tobi and Aaron - our family in the wheat field up the road

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Pumpkin Patchin'

Mikaela's instagram picture of our teens on the haystacks.
Saturday was a cold and gray day but we had so much fun together at Walter's Pumpkin Patch (a few miles north of El Dorado).

Walter's is different than any other Pumpkin Patch we've been to.  We took the kids every year when they were little but we've haven't been in several years which made it even more fun.  I wasn't sure what our teens would think about going to a Pumpkin Patch but they loved it.  Their smiles and laughter blessed my soul :) They didn't even fuss at me for making them look at the camera (David's phone) multiple times!

Aaron, Natalie, Mikaela and Jordan
David and me - one of our better photos - jk!
The sibling loveness warmed me right up.
Oh my silly boys!  Jordan nearly tipped his pony  all the way forward.
We had to chuckle at these 2 who kept butting each other out of the trough.   Just being "kids."
Aaron, Natalie, Jordan (mid-air) me and Mikaela on the Bouncing Pillow.
David (normally a very attractive man) couldn't wait until  I served up the lunch I packed so...
This was taken somewhere in the Corn Maze.
This is just so stinkin' cute of Mikaela, I couldn't resist adding it.
David enjoyed holding his girls up in the air on the tractor seated teeter totter.
Our boys warming themselves by the fire.  They were the die-hards who actually  completed the Farm Scene Investigation/Corn Maze.  So proud!
Beautiful white pumpkin I found and brought home - it's on  the mantel now, looking lovely.

This was a great family road trip.  If you live anywhere near El Dorado Kansas, I highly recommend it.  It was worth the $10 each - better than a movie in my book.  Ok, there were some additional costs but still so worth it.  We'll go again.  As our time there went on I kept thinking that our Ethiopian kids will love this too.  Hoping they will be with us next Fall!

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